Ryan Sayce


Ryan is a composer with a vast experience in writing compositions and arrangements for many different types of ensemble; from choirs to orchestras to school bands.

He has produced many works for different solo instruments in varying styles. This includes some commissioned works for music students at Kingston University London, performing on flute and voice. Influence from great Russian, German and French composers can be seen in his works through the use of harmony and melodic writing - Ryan then combines this with his own style of composition to create the final work.

Some works are available to listen to on Soundcloud at:

Three of Ryan’s works have earned him compositional prizes awarded by Kingston University, for Fanfare To A New Age; Kingston Rotary Club, for Only Opportunity; and The University of the Third Age, for A Theme Around Gesualdo.

Solo and Duet Instrumental Compositions:
Barren Wastes – Solo Piano
Darkness – Solo Piano
Dreaming – Solo Piano
Evergreen – Flute and Piano
Inside the Head of a Madman – Solo Piano
Lament & Dance – Violoncello and Piano
NO KNIVES!! - Solo Piano
On Parade – Snare Drum
Progression - Solo Piano
Pumpkin Pie - Solo Piano
Run - Solo Piano
Duet for Flute and Cello - Flute and Violoncello
Lament & Air for Solo Flute - Solo Flute
Lament & Dance - Violoncello and Piano
Sonata for Violin – Violin and Piano
Starfade – Soprano and Piano/Harp
The Four Horsemen Suite - Trombone and Piano
The Shirt - Solo Piano
To Walk - Solo Piano

Ensemble Works:
Arrival at the Gates - Brass Ensemble
Disguises of the Assassin - Mixed Ensemble
Control Yourself - Music for a film of the same name
Fanfare to a New Age - Brass Ensemble
Final Bell - Brass Ensemble
Glorimbar - Mixed Ensemble
It’s Just a Game - Concert Band
Inside the Asylum - Orchestra
Just Two - Flute Quartet
March to the Sky - Treble and Bass Parts
Only Opportunity - SATB Choir
Red Cromwell - Mixed Ensemble
Stay Strong - Tenor/Baritone and String Orchestra
Storm - Orchestra
String Quartet No 1 in D minor - String Quartet
String Quartet No 2 in Eb Major - String Quartet
The Woodland Elves - Orchestra


Ryan Sayce, playing trumpet